Our plans are budget-friendly, keeping your costs under control. With a dedicated account manager, live bilingual support, and integration with your other systems, we’ll make your employee benefit plan administration a piece of cake.

Benefits have never been easier

Benefits Packages

Comprehensive medical/dental/vision benefits packages, tailored to your company's needs.

Budget-Friendly Plans

Our employee benefits management services include a variety of comprehensive medical plans, level funded, as well as self-funded plans, to help keep you under budget.

Online Enrollment

Our benefits administration software streamlines the online enrollment process, making it convenient and hassle free for your employees. Oh, and all documentation is filed and easy to find, so your HR admin will be happy too.

Life Insurance & Retirement

Life insurance & retirement benefits take employees' future needs into account.

Worksite Benefits

We can advise you on worksite benefits to acquire and retain top talent.

HSA/FSA Options

HSA/FSA helps employees save on costs by using pre-tax contributions.

1094 & 1095

Our employee benefits management software can assist you in collecting and preparing data for annual Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) reporting.

Software Solutions that Streamline HR

Combined leverages the power of iSolved human capital management software to make your employee benefits administration and management straightforward and simple.

Employee Plan Selection

Employees follow an automated plan selection process to compare the available options and pick a benefits plan.

Automated enrollment and deduction reports

Once you set up your benefits plan, you can automate enrollment and deduction reports.

Self-Funded and Level-Funded Healthcare Plans

Self-Funded Plans

With self-funded plans, employers operate their own health plans, instead of purchasing fully insured plans from insurance carriers. Companies save the profit margin that insurance companies add to premiums for administering plans. Employee costs are lower overall, which often increases participation. These plans do add risk: Claims must be paid, even if there are more than expected.

Level-Funded Plans

Level-funded plans are less risky and provide employers a streamlined and supportive transition from fully insured plans to self-funded platforms. Employers still save money and improve the potential for premium ROI. There’s no liability for more than the cost of employee premiums, and maximum exposure for employers is equal to the amount of the premium. If anticipated spends are not used during the plan year, employers can receive a portion of the premium back. It’s important to note that claims will be paid by the carrier, and administrative costs can eat into the savings you hoped to gain. Also, some level-funded plans are restricted to companies of a certain size.



Over the past decade, health care costs have skyrocketed in expense due to an increase in prescription costs, chronic diseases, the usage of health care, etc. By downloading this toolkit, gain the specific knowledge on how to save money on your health care costs.