Is switching HCM systems a pain?

It’s easier than you think. We’ve helped many clients switch to Combined’s human capital management system successfully. Whether you are switching from a legacy system, moving off a point solution, or leaving a PEO, our specialists will guide you every step of the way.

Can Combined help companies of all sizes?

Combined is perfect for small-to-mid-sized companies – ranging from 50 employees to up to a thousand. We want all of our clients to succeed so we deliver unmatched customer service and comprehensive solutions, tailored to YOUR company’s needs. So whether you’re a one-person HR team or a larger team looking for a platform everyone loves, we’ve got you covered.

What’s different about Combined?

Combined takes care of all your HCM needs with our intuitive software and our team of expert HR consultants take care of everything else. Meaning that you free up your employees to be more efficient and productive. Rather than getting bogged down by an endless series of tasks, your employees can utilize our platform to handle everything from recruiting and employee benefits to payroll and employee development, all in one place. Leading to a more effective, not to mention productive, business environment.

Do we have to switch everything over to you?

You don’t have to, but most of clients do! Our HCM technology and virtual HR services seamlessly work together to offer comprehensive solutions for your day-to-day challenges, saving you time and money.

Will I really save time?

Absolutely, and money too! Our HCM platform will give you back the hours you used to spend keeping payroll, benefits, and everything else in sync, as well as provide your leadership team with custom reports. Our expert consulting services eliminate time wasted on compliance research and the hassle of finding solutions to everyday problems. With Combined, you can focus on strategy, execution, culture, and growing your business.

If I have an issue, will you put me on hold?

We don’t like being put on hold, so we won’t do it to you. A true partner combines great technology with experienced people who care about making you successful. With Combined, you’ll have a team of experts to answer all of your questions and to offer helpful tips and tricks to make work easier.

How do I convince my boss?

You don’t have to convince your boss, that’s our job! With our platform and excellent consultants, you’ll finally have the support, time and the data you need to drive the strategic initiatives your boss really cares about. All of our clients have an easier time managing and accessing employee data and don’t have to worry about the frequently changing federal and state employment laws or any HR issues for that matter. Everyone at Combined will ensure that your business is supported by our technology and expert advice required to achieve and maintain compliance.

Let’s work together!

Ready to make life easier for everyone in your company? Schedule a call. Trust us, you won’t regret it.