virtual hr services


It takes more than a worthy cause and dedicated staff to run a nonprofit organization. When it comes to HR, the demands are just as taxing as they are in the for-profit world—often without the specialized staff. Finding and using all available efficiencies is the key to success.

top HCM solutions


  • Effortless compliance with ever-changing regulations
  • Higher level of employee engagement and teamwork
  • View labor data in real time and make informed business decision
  • Reduce errors, improving your bottom line


  • Split employee wages over multiple funds/grants
  • Labor and general ledger reports for unlimited funds/grants
  • Workflows/electronic onboarding
  • Powerful, performance-ready mobile app (perfect for nonprofit employees who work on-the-go)
  • Certification tracking with email reminders
virtual hr services
 top HCM solutions

Spend more time serving those that make your non-profit great and less time on over-complicated software.

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