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Time and Attendance

Modernize the Way You Manage Your Workforce

Transform your approach to tracking time and attendance with a multifunctional technology solution designed to trim down your administrative timeline.

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Eliminate Errors With Advanced, Adaptive, and Accurate Time Tracking

Untimely clock-ins and clock-outs, buddy punching, and unnecessary overtime expenses — sound familiar? 

It’s the tale as old as timecards.

Partner with Combined, using isolved Time and Labor Management, to create a configurable timekeeping system that will keep your timecards consistently correct.


Enable Flexible Time Tracking

Extend your worksite with a timeclock that can function across multiple devices and locations but has permission settings you can control.


Customize Time Tracking Rules

Ensure legal compliance with programmable rules, verifications, and calculations for regular work hours, meal breaks, overtime, and more.


Generate Labor Allocation Reports

Track your workforce hour distributions with automated job allocation reports designed to provide detailed expense management insights.


Simplify Scheduling With Coordinated Calendar Functions

Stop spending hours meticulously building schedules only to spend even more time adjusting them. 

Scheduling shouldn’t be time-consuming or difficult — with isolved Time and Labor Management, it is quick and easy. 

Partner with Combined for a customized technology solution that can simplify all of your scheduling challenges.


Integrate Employee Calendars

Account for all calendar conflicts including time constraints, time-off, overlaps, and more with smart scheduling software.


Manage Time-Off Requests Online

Reduce administrative burden with an online portal where employees can submit time-off requests and you can easily respond.


Send and Receive Notifications

Configure automated notifications and alerts to make sure that your workforce adheres to the schedules you create.


Enhance Payroll Efficiency With Synchronized Data

Payroll is dependent on time and attendance data — imagine integrating this data with your payroll platform.

Using isolved’s intuitive software, timeclock information is automatically fed into your payroll system without the hassle of manual entry.  

Partner with Combined to improve your payroll process with connected time tracking technology


Approve Timecards Electronically

Review, make corrections, and verify timecards conveniently from an easy-to-use digital dashboard.


Automate Timecard Data

Approve all of your time and attendance data while processing payroll with a single click.


Accelerate Your Payroll Workflow

Speed up your payroll process with integrated time and attendance automation designed to save you time and minimize errors.


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Trouble with timecards?

Track Time and Attendance With Ease

Follow these 3 steps to remove manual processes from workforce management.

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Simplify Workforce Management With Customized Time and Attendance Technology

Turn your time and attendance troubles into triumphs!

Your efficient, easy-to-use, error-ousting time and attendance solution is just a click away.

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