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Compliance Assistance

Cancel Your Compliance Concerns

Stay one step ahead of all federal, state, and local regulations.

Choose Combined for compliance assistance certain to keep you 100% confident in your business policies.

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Don’t Underestimate the High Cost of Noncompliance

With countless, constantly changing rules to follow, you might think that a few minor violation penalties are a fair trade-off for the amount of work required to keep your business compliant. 

In reality, noncompliance poses a much larger, more destructive threat to your business than you probably realize. 

Unavoidable consequences of noncompliance include:

Debilitating Fees and Fines

Disrupted Business Operations

Damaged Company Reputation


Curb Compliance Challenges With Expert HR Assistance

Managing compliance is a complicated and time-consuming job — and the stakes of doing it correctly couldn’t be higher. 

What if you could successfully maintain compliance without the worry or the workload?

With consulting from Combined’s HR experts, you can save time and stress less while confidently keeping your company completely compliant.

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Identify Compliance Problems

Are your policies fully compliant? Our HR team will evaluate your situation to determine if you have any compliance gaps.


Correct Compliance Problems

We will work with you to fix any issues and ensure that your business policies are up-to-date and in line with all regulations.


Maintain Compliance (Without Problems)

Problems found? Problems fixed! With ongoing assistance from our HR experts, you can prevent any future compliance problems.

Stop Struggling With Compliance

Simplify your compliance nightmares with specialized support — partner with Combined for a comprehensive service designed to transform any compliance struggle into a compliance success.

Receive assistance with all of the following:


Employee Handbook Review

Our team of HR professionals will review and refine your employee handbook to ensure that it is compliant and effective.


Audit Preparation

Identify and resolve compliance gaps with an expert compliance review to sort out issues ranging from I-9 forms to FLSA classifications.


Training and Development

Utilize our personalized Learning Management System (LMS) with training courses to develop a compliant process for employee development.


Safety Strategy

Mitigate workplace risk with expert assistance to develop a workplace safety plan, an injury and illness prevention program, and more.

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Free Guide

Compliance in 2024 - The California Employer’s Guide to New Laws

Prepared for a New Era of Employment Law in California? 

Download this comprehensive guide and you will be!

Download the 2024 Compliance Guide
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Are You Up to Date with the Latest California Employment Laws?

Take our compliance quiz to see where you stand!



Gauge your understanding on key topics like:

  • Employee leave laws
  • Minimum wage requirements
  • Workplace rights and protections
  • And other critical workplace regulations

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Compliance Consulting You Can Count On

Follow these 3 steps to for a simple, stress-free approach to compliance.

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Don't Forget About HCM Software Solutions

Our team can help you complete all those manual HR tasks using a more efficient, all-in-one system.

Not only can we train you to effectively leverage HCM technology to save time, but we can also work with you to manage it.


Manage Compliance With Confidence

Partner with Combined for a compliance assistance service designed to give you absolute assurance.

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