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Recruit and Hire

Build Your Team Without the HR Burden

Reimagine your recruiting process with an efficient technology solution designed to help you easily and effectively source, attract, and hire top talent.

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Elevate Your Applicant Experience With End-To-End Integration

Today’s top HR challenge is hiring the right candidates in the right roles.

So, while applicants may be competing for jobs, you are competing to find, impress, and guide top talent through your application process before another business does. 

Partner with Combined, using isolved's HCM technology, to easily create an unbeatable applicant experience.


Offer a Seamless Application

Create job posts with convenient, easy-apply options to maximize applicant visibility, interest, and response rate.


Provide an Interactive Selection Process

Engage applicants throughout the selection process with automated communication, integrated background checks, comprehensive assessments, and more.


Connect Hiring and Onboarding Functions

Transition selected candidates from applicants to employees with seamless data transfer for easy onboarding.


Increase Your HR Efficiency With Advanced Applicant Tracking

Why is hiring the right candidates in the right roles today’s top HR challenge?

Because, the many tasks required to recruit and hire qualified employees take a lot of time. 

With isolved Attract and Hire, you can reduce the time all of these tasks take. Partner with Combined, using isolved technology, for a more efficient hiring process.


Expand Your Talent Network Effortlessly

Post, promote, and monitor your job listings across multiple job boards and social media platforms from a single, user-friendly dashboard.


Configure Automatic Candidate Screening

Reduce your hiring timeline with adaptable controls to filter applications for personalized candidate qualification criteria.


Manage Your Hiring Process in One Place

Eliminate administrative back-and-forth with a multifunctional system to view applications, schedule interviews, select employees, and more.


Improve Your Recruiting and Hiring Processes With Configurable Data Insights

Want to make sure hiring the right candidates for the right roles is not your top HR challenge?

With isolved Attract and Hire built-in reporting features, you can easily identify how to best recruit and hire for your business.

Partner with Combined to develop a personalized approach to talent acquisition that works.


Track Recruiting and Hiring Metrics

Evaluate key recruiting analytics to measure hiring effectiveness across application types, job boards, candidate sources, and more.


Generate Comprehensive Hiring Reports

Maintain EEOC compliance with quantitative hiring records to thoroughly review and document antidiscriminatory employment practices.


Make Better Hiring Decisions in Less Time

Increase efficiency of your recruiting and hiring process using comparative data to identify opportunities for improvement.


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Rethink How You Recruit and Hire

Follow these 3 steps for a software solution to all of your hiring hardships.

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Recruit and Hire — But With Better Results

Take control of talent acquisition. 

Team up with Combined, using HCM technology, to easily and effectively source, attract, and hire top talent.

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