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Expense Management

Managing Business Expenses Has Never Been This Easy

Simplify your business expense management process with an integrated system, offering digital reporting, automated approvals, in-depth analytics, and more.

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Simplify Employee Expense Reporting With a Convenient Online Dashboard

Is your expense reporting process a paper chase? 

With isolved Expense Management, you can eliminate the clutter, confusion, and constant back-and-forth involved in expense approvals. 

Put the paper trail in the past and partner with Combined for a more efficient way for employees to manage expense reporting.


Accessible, Easy-To-Use Interface

Enable your employees to effortlessly submit expenses and upload receipts electronically without worrying about paper reports piling up.


Real-Time Expense Tracking

Allow your employees to easily view and manage the status of submitted expenses, pay history, and personal tax documents all on their own.


Efficient Expense Reimbursement

Enhance your employees’ reimbursement experience with a system to ensure they receive expense payments promptly and accurately, every time.


Streamline Administrative Tasks With Automated Expense Workflows

How many steps are involved in your expense management process? Submission, review, approval, reimbursement, etc. 

What if this sequence could be automated into a more efficient workflow?

With isolved Expense Management, it can be. 

Partner with Combined for a technology-driven approach to managing your business expenses, sure to save administrative time.


Configurable Submission Requirements

Reduce administrative burden with the ability to customize your expense report criteria and facilitate completed submissions.


Expense Policy Compliance Checks

Automatically verify each submitted expense against your policies, ensuring compliance and reducing manual review efforts.


Seamless Accounting System Integration

Eliminate manual data entry and minimize errors with system integration designed to guarantee accurate expense data across multiple platforms.


Identify Cost-Saving Opportunities with Digital Expense Auditing

Stop wondering where your budget goes each month! 

With digital auditing technology you can transform your expense tracking into a strategic business asset and optimize your financial health.

Partner with Combined, using isolved Expense Management, to elevate your financial insights and discover new savings opportunities.


Alerts for Unusual Spending

Stay ahead of financial surprises with notifications for unusual spending patterns, so you can maintain full control of all expenses.


Expense Auditing Technology

Enhance expense visibility and financial decision-making with auditing tools for single entries, complete reports, and team spending.


Detailed Expense Analytics

Empower your financial strategy with in-depth analytics to scrutinize expenses, pinpoint inefficiencies, and refine budget allocation.


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Can Expense Management Really Be That Easy?

Yes, it can! Follow these 3 simple steps to simplify your expense management process.

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Expense Management?

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Partner with Combined for a time-saving approach to submitting, reimbursing, and tracking expenses, all while ensuring compliance.

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