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Employee Relations

Make Your Company the Ideal Place to Work

Everyone wants to work their dream job — partner with Combined to become the business any employee would love to work for!

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The Bottom Line

Employee Relations Affect Your Bottom Line

It’s simple — happy employees work harder.

It’s statistically proven — happy employees are 12% more productive and businesses with happy employees outperform their competitors by over 20%.

It’s something to think about — what happens when employee relations are overlooked?

Decreased Productivity

Reduced Retention

Damaged Reputation


Strengthen Employee Relations in Your Workplace

Partner with Combined to create a cohesive, collaborative, and constructive workplace.

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Keep your entire team on the same page with an emphasis on healthy communication, cooperation, and common goals.



Keep your entire team motivated and involved with a focus on employee development and a process to monitor and encourage progress.



Keep your entire team happy and content, giving them much-needed job satisfaction, that ultimately leads to improved relationships and retention.

Picture This

A Workplace Focused On Employee Success

With Combined’s personalized HR Services, strategically designed to enhance employee relations, this picture can be the reality of your business – our skilled team can help you build a better workplace environment by providing expert HR assistance with all of the following:


Policies and Procedures

Develop effective protocols for onboarding, discrimination, harassment, safety, leave, termination, and more with the help of our experienced HR team.


Employee Training and Development

Boost performance and business productivity with access to online training courses and customized at-work learning plans for employees and managers alike.


Performance Reviews and Improvement Plans

Enhance communication and establish a culture of continuous progress with performance review guidelines, PIP recommendations, management training, and more.


Conflict Mediation and Resolution

Problems within your workforce? Our HR team can help identify core issues, conduct investigations, and provide actionable guidance to solve workplace problems.

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Human Resource Services

Interested in HR help? Check out our interactive brochure for a complete overview of the HR services we can provide.

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HR services brochure

Don't Forget About HCM Software Solutions

Our team can help you complete all those manual HR tasks using a more efficient, all-in-one system.

Not only can we train you to effectively leverage HCM technology to save time, but we can also work with you to manage it.


Want a Winning Workplace?

Follow these 3 simple steps to enhance your employee relations. 

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The Combined Learning Center

Explore our learning center to find the latest resources on HR, recruiting, payroll, benefits & commercial insurance.

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Improve Your Business Operations With Better Employee Relations

Partner with Combined to increase your business performance, productivity, and profitability with results-driven, employee-focused HR services.

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