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Vision Insurance

Vision Insurance for Your Business, Focused on Your Employees

Give your employees more comprehensive benefits with cost-effective vision coverage plans from high-quality carriers.

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Vision Insurance — Is it Worth Including in Your Employee Benefits?

Is vision insurance important to employees?

84% of people rate vision as the most important of their five senses and 80% of employees consider vision insurance as important as general medical insurance.

Excluding vision insurance from your benefits offering disregards an amenity that the majority of employees consider crucial and can lead to the following:

Inability to hire employees

Inability to retain employees

Inability to achieve business goals


Enhance Your Employee Benefits With Comprehensive Vision Coverage

Do you have your sights set on hiring and retaining top talent?

With an all-inclusive benefits plan, you can build your team with the best employees for your business.

Partner with Combined for the right vision insurance to make your benefits offering worth taking a second glance at.

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Detailed Carrier Quote Comparison

Never question the price of your coverage plan — our team conducts an in-depth cost analysis and provides you with the best carrier quotes.


Experienced Enrollment Assistance

Never experience difficulty implementing your coverage plan — our team will walk you and your employees through the open enrollment process.


Dedicated Account Manager Support

Never struggle to use your coverage plan — you will have a point of contact representative to make sure care is accessible and available.

Optimize Your Benefits Package With Customized Vision Insurance

With Combined, you get more than just insurance — you get a custom coverage plan and a partner that really cares about you and your business.

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Secure Vision Insurance in 3 Simple Steps

Follow these steps to get competitive, cost-effective coverage.

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Vision Insurance Designed With Your Business in Mind

Partner with Combined for a provider you can depend on, coverage your employees can be confident in, and benefits your business can grow from.

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