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Affordable Care Act Compliance & Reporting

Compliance With ACA Is Mandatory — Doing It Alone Is Not

Stop spending your time struggling to self-manage a never-ending series of ACA tasks. Partner with Combined to remove ACA reporting from your compliance checklist.

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Avoid Paying the Price of ACA Compliance Penalties

Don’t risk being out of ACA compliance!

With regular requirement updates and complicated filing criteria, maintaining complete ACA compliance is a challenge. 

But, it’s critical because the cost of ACA violations can be crippling.

Confusing Requirements

High-Pressure Deadlines

Expensive Penalties


ACA Compliance Is Complicated — Partner With Combined to Uncomplicate It

Are you an Applicable Large Employer (ALE)? Do you offer Minimal Essential Coverage (MEC)? Is your coverage plan affordable? Are you required to file? With which forms? By when?

You get the picture — establishing and maintaining ACA Compliance is not as quick and simple as filling out and submitting a few forms.

Let our team tackle this responsibility for you.

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Eligibility Determined for You

Provide your payroll information and our team will crunch the numbers to assess your ALE status and filing requirements.


Data Compiled and Reviewed for You

Expect our team to prepare a comprehensive report evaluated for any actionable data discrepancies.


Filing Completed and Certified for You

Receive your audit guarantee certificate after our team completes the ACA filing process.

A Proactive Solution to ACA Struggles

With Combined’s all-inclusive ACA compliance service, you can exclude time-consuming tasks from your calendar and expensive enforcement penalties from your budget.

Here’s how our team will tackle your ACA troubles:

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ACA Made Easy

Cast off your ACA concerns with 3 simple steps to complete compliance.

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Spare Yourself From the Stress of ACA Compliance

Safeguard your business from steep penalties with Combined’s comprehensive ACA reporting service, guaranteed to help you meet all ACA compliance requirements.

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