HR Services to Reduce Your Workload

HR and compliance issues can be a business nightmare without the right amount of help. Whether you’re amending company policies or managing employee relations, our comprehensive HR services provides the expertise and support you need to protect your business.

Compliance experts to help you stay up to date with current regulations.
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Ensure all of your employees feel heard and represented.
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Assistance with employee onboarding, termination and life events.
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Let our HR Team take the burden off your shoulders

Combined’s HR services can improve talent acquisition; performance management; training and development; compliance; and many other important functions such as workplace safety, and risk management. Our specialized HR consulting team can help you create employee handbooks, design company policies, and stay compliant with ever-changing labor laws. Our expert team, in tandem, with our intuitive technology makes the entire employee lifecycle management process a breeze. Combined’s HR services save you time, money, and let you get back to doing what you love—running your business.

Best HR Practices

Compliance, Hiring, Onboarding, HR systems, Employee Engagement and Retention, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Disability, Discipline and Terminations.

Online Training Tools

We offer a library of online training and development tools to elevate manager and employee skillsets, leading to increased production.

Compliance Support

To help you stay compliant with laws and regulations, utilize our HR consultants and take advantage of our comprehensive virtual HR and training system.

Live HR consulting

Need additional help? We offer human resources consulting to conquer your HR challenges.

HR Templates & Forms

We'll provide you with employee handbooks, policy templates, legal notices, workplace posters and a portfolio of HR forms, all tailored to your business.

Employee Relations

Employee point of contact, coaching managers through day to day employee issues, researching complaints, resolving disputes with a “win-win” approach.

Leave & Exit Management

We help manage and guide you through the termination process.

Recruitment Services

Let our consultants help you hire top talent by creating job descriptions, posting your openings to multiple job boards, and vetting out candidates for you to review.

Human Resource Services

Are you spending lots of time creating and amending company policies? Do you find it overwhelming to manage employee relations, hiring, and termination? Are you trying to keep up with changes to rules and regulations? Let us take the burden off your shoulders.

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