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How Much Do Recruiting Services Cost?

Contributor: Judy Liang, aPHR

April 26th, 2023 | 5 min. read

By Tony Calavitta

How Much Do Recruiting Services Cost?

Did you know that on average, it takes an HR professional the equivalent of 36 full workdays to recruit and hire a candidate? That’s 288 on-the-clock hours spent filling an open position!

This means, for an HR specialist with a national average annual salary of $70,720, the time allocated to hire a single employee costs a business nearly $10,000.

Let’s address the elephant in the room – that’s expensive!

What would you say if I told you that, with recruiting services through Combined, you could hire your ideal employee while saving both time and (a whole lot of) money?

Here at Combined, our HR team understands that no employer wants to fork out a fortune on the recruitment process. We’ve helped many employers, just like you, find the best-fit candidates to fill their open positions with our unique, cost-effective recruiting services.

By reading this article, you’ll learn what our recruiting services are, what the cost of these services is, and whether partnering with us to hire your next employee is the right decision for you.

What are our recruiting services?

Our recruiting services are designed to take the place of the 288 hours your HR specialist spends on recruiting tasks so that their time can be reallocated to other responsibilities.

This includes time-consuming tasks like:

  • Gathering salary benchmarking data
  • Creating and updating job descriptions
  • Posting and promoting job listings
  • Screening and reviewing resumes
  • Conducting initial interviews
  • Administering cognitive and skills tests
  • Coordinating final interviews

By combining advanced technology with human experience, our recruiting services can optimize your start-to-finish recruitment process.

Using our multi-step recruiting services will allow you to skip directly to the hiring stage of recruitment, confident that the candidate you decide to offer a job to is undoubtedly the cream of the candidate crop.

But what exactly is involved in this process of identifying the best of the best candidates?

A step-by-step breakdown of our recruiting services

Here is an outline of every task our team performs in order to find your best-fit employee.

Step 1: Get to know your business

If we are going to find the right candidate for your company, we need to know your company. Consider this step as an informal introduction so that we can filter our recruiting search to identify your best-fit candidates.

Here are a few points of interest that can help us do exactly that:

  • An explanation of the job
  • An account of your company history and your company goals
  • An understanding of your company culture and workplace environment

With this information, we can not only match you with the right candidate but also increase your odds of long-term employee retention.

Step 2: Create updated job descriptions

Now that we know more about your company and the job you are hiring for, we can either create new job descriptions or refine existing ones for you, so that they offer detailed information on the role itself, the responsibilities of it, and the requirements for it.

Using hiring best practices, we can make sure that your job descriptions transparently advertise the necessary qualifications for the position as well as the expectations you have for prospective employees.

Step 3: Provide a salary benchmark report

Successful recruitment relies on putting the right price tag on the open position. We want to make sure you are offering a competitive job market salary so that you can attract top talent.

In order to do this, we will gather current and reliable salary benchmarking data for similar jobs to compare against your new job descriptions. By comparing your open position to pay data for other comparable positions by industry, company size, company location, market demand for the position, and required experience, credentials, and qualifications, we can provide you with a salary benchmark report.

This report will recommend a fair, equitable, and competitive pay range to assign to your job listing and ensure that when posted, your open position gets noticed.

Step 4: Post job listings across multiple platforms

The next step in the recruiting process is to hit the gas pedal on posting job listings.

But, as anyone who has hired manually before knows, posting job listings one by one is more snail’s pace than Fast and Furious. With our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) at work, we can accelerate this process.

Using our ATS allows for your job listing to be posted across many job boards all at once. It also organizes these separate job board listings into one comprehensive dashboard so that, as applications roll in, we can automatically engage candidates who are likely applying to and considering other jobs as well.

This makes certain that we collect as many candidates for consideration as possible.

Step 5: Implement automated resume mining

Using technology to expand visibility means more candidate interest – And, generally, a lot of it. Without an automated way to comb through an influx of applications, identifying qualified candidates from the lot in a timely manner would be virtually impossible.

Luckily, our advanced ATS can be programmed to mine resumes for qualifying information, making the process of sifting through underqualified resumes to find top-tier candidates quick and easy.

Step 6: Screen applications and resumes

Remember that company introduction? This step is where it comes into play.

With this qualified applicant pool, our HR team, now well-versed in your company values, will individually evaluate each application and resume to identify which on-paper candidates appear to be a lock and key fit for your company.

Step 7: Conduct phone interviews

But we don’t stop there.

After estimating best-fit candidates based on their applications and resumes, our HR team puts this initial assessment to the test by scheduling and conducting phone interviews with each pre-screened candidate. The interview questions, like the screening process, will be tailored toward determining which candidates not only complement the skillset you are looking for but also align with your company’s outlook.

Step 8: Assign and review skills and cognitive tests

But we (still) don’t stop there.

We want to be 100% sure that the candidates we send your way are ideal for your company – So, to gain that certainty, we develop a projection of how each prospective employee would operate at your company by administering skills and cognitive tests.

These tests not only grant insight into ability and personality but unveil information about each candidate’s aptitude for:

  • Logical reasoning
  • Problem-solving
  • Decision-making
  • Perceptiveness
  • Motivation

After reviewing the results from these tests, we assemble your all-star candidate roster.

Step 9: Schedule in-person interviews

We even schedule your final, in-person interviews, allowing you to meet each pre-qualified candidate and decide for yourself who is the right hire for your company.

How much do our recruiting services cost?

Our comprehensive recruiting services, as outlined above, start at $1,500 per position.

You may be wondering, “Why $1,500?”

At Combined, we think you should only have to pay for the time that our HR team spends actively recruiting for your company – And, to effectively recruit for general positions like a sales associate or an administrative assistant, we’ve found that it takes a total of 10 working hours.

The cost of our recruiting services, then, is $150 per hour with a baseline of these 10 hours.

Now, you may be wondering, “How can all of that be done in 10 hours?”

With both our skilled team and technology at work, we aim to minimize the time involved in your recruiting process. And, because our recruiting services are priced per hour, this ultimately saves you money.

Finally, you may be wondering, “When will recruiting services require more than 10 hours?”

Recruiting for more specialized positions can be more demanding and take our team longer than this 10-hour baseline. Distinctive factors like foreign language requisites, vocational skill requirements, and specific knowledge or credential qualifications can extend the amount of hours necessary to recruit the right candidates for your company.

However, the expected timeline for our recruiting services will not be a surprise – In your initial consultation, one of our HR experts will give you an hour projection based on the position you are hiring for so that you know, down to the dollar, how much our recruiting services will cost you.

Take the next steps to assemble the best team for your business

If you are here, you want to recruit, hire, and retain the most qualified, most capable employees. But the steps involved in that process cost you time, money, and resources.

What if there was a way to cut down on all of these costs, and still assemble the best team for your business?

Well, there is – With our recruiting services, this result is exactly what you can expect to accomplish.

Here at Combined, our HR team has worked with employers, both large and small, to save time, money, and resources when expanding their workforce by using our recruiting services. We want to help you do the same.

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