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[Video] How Often Should You Train Your Team on Cybersecurity?

April 24th, 2024 | 1 min. read


How Often Should You Train Your Team on Cybersecurity?

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Cybersecurity is a continuous battle, and regular training is the backbone of a resilient defense system. In this enlightening webinar snippet from "Cybersecurity 101: How to Protect Your Business in the Digital Age," experts discuss the importance of establishing a routine for cybersecurity education.

Tailoring Cyber Training to Company Size and Dynamics

Joseph Morreale highlights the variability in cybersecurity training frequency, which hinges on the company's size and employee turnover rate. For smaller companies with less fluctuation, monthly or even quarterly training may suffice. The goal is to keep cybersecurity top of mind and ensure that employees are not complacent about potential threats.

The Role of Phishing Simulations in Cyber Training

Phishing simulations are a crucial, practical tool in cybersecurity training. These exercises, akin to secret shopper programs but for email, keep staff vigilant. By routinely testing with simulations, businesses can gauge the effectiveness of their training and keep employees on their toes, ensuring that best practices in cybersecurity are not only understood but instinctively followed.

Establishing a Cadence for Cybersecurity Vigilance

A recommended best practice is to engage in cybersecurity training at least once a month to maintain a high level of awareness and preparedness among employees. Morreale advises that the cadence should reflect the unique culture and security needs of the business, emphasizing that consistency is key to effective cyber threat management.



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