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[Webinar] Best Practices for Hiring and Pay Transparency in 2023

April 4th, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Combined Team

[Webinar] Best Practices for Hiring and Pay Transparency in 2023

Running a successful business starts with assembling the right team.

This sounds easy, right? In theory, all you have to do is post a quick job listing, and in no time at all, your inbox will be flooded with applications from the most qualified, most capable candidates. 

In actuality, finding the right employees for the right roles is the #1 challenge hiring managers faced in 2022, with 76% in agreement that attracting and hiring the best-fit candidates was their single-most difficult responsibility.

Why? Because finding your ideal employee requires a lot more than just a simple job listing. From compliance with pay transparency regulations to recruitment strategy to applicant tracking and data storage, hiring the right candidate for your company is an involved and intuitive process that is imperative for long-term success.

So, how do you assemble the right team?

Watch the recorded webinar to learn the best practices for attracting and hiring top talent in 2023 including how to adhere to new pay transparency regulations and reporting requirements. 


  1. Roadmap for recruitment - When, where, and how to effectively hire 
  2. Screening for skills - How to adapt your testing and interview protocol to find the most qualified candidates 
  3. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) integration - How to use technology to both ease and speed up your hiring process
  4. Selection, hiring, and onboarding - How to seamlessly transition your candidate from recruitment to long-term employment
  5. Pay Transparency and Pay Data Reporting - Criteria for adherence to current regulations and how to properly comply



Watch this 70-sec video to learn more about the webinar

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Jessica Turner

HR and Operations Manager at Combined

Jessica Turner is the HR and Operations Manager here at Combined. She has over 10 years of HR and executive management experience in both the commercial business and non-profit organization sectors. With a communication and publication focus, she specializes in internal and external recruitment, onboarding, and employee development initiatives.

Evita Lara

HR Generalist at Combined

Evita Lara is our HR generalist here at Combined. She has a BA in organizational leadership from CBU and over 11 years of experience in the HR field. Her skillset spans company size and industry, having managed HR for a range of business sizes across the legal, medical, and manufacturing industries.

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Watch the Webinar