Hospitality and Restaurants

Operating a hotel or restaurant is complex and managing the labor is one of the chief reasons why. Tracking attendance and hours worked, managing employee schedules, and ensuring compliance with regulations are just a few of the tasks that challenge employers in hospitality. Our intelligently connected platform provides seamless integration with employee data to give employers the insight and functionality they need to save time and consolidate valuable resources.

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  • More time to focus on your business and customer’s experience
  • Simplify HR complexities with built-in tracking and reporting tools
  • Improve your bottom line with WOTC tax credits
  • Gain insights into your operation with live data
  • Eliminating “buddy punching” with secure biometric timeclocks
  • Manage and bring on new hires with ease


  • Tips Management, including tax credits, shortfall and allocation tracking
  • Manage food handler permits
  • Timecard integrations with POS solutions
  • General ledger report
  • Overtime Management, including state and city requirements
  • Workers’ Comp - Pay As You Go
  • HR/ACA Compliance
  • Forms 8027 and 8846 automation

virtual hr services

Focus on your guests and simplify employee scheduling and management.

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