virtual hr services


Operating a manufacturing plant requires careful precision and staying on top of a variety of tasks. A small delay could result in a major loss in production that’s hard to make up. Finding and using all available efficiencies is one key for success. Our comprehensive employee experience platform goes beyond the typical HCM to provide those needed efficiencies, coupled with a seamless connection throughout the entire employee journey.

virtual hr services


  • More time to focus on your manufacturing facility
  • Effortless compliance with ever-changing regulations
  • Higher level of employee engagement and teamwork
  • Reduce errors, improving your bottom line
  • View labor data in real time and make informed business decisions
  • Available rugged time clocks with biometric, proximity, bar code, mag stripe, and key punch data collection options, connected via Ethernet/mobile communications


  • Job costing/transfer punching
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Powerful, performance-ready mobile app
  • Rich compliance reporting
  • OSHA management and reporting
  • Tracking Worker’s Compensation
  • Time worked: MRP/ERP data integration
virtual hr services
virtual hr services
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Keep the assembly line moving without worrying about admin paperwork that will bury your progress.

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