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[Video] Why Chen Zhang of Meta Neo Chose Combined HCM - Again

October 26th, 2023 | 1 min. read

By Robin Tholt

Why Chen Zhang of Meta Neo Chose Combined HCM - Again


Watch this 4-minute video

Ever wondered what sets a great HCM partner apart? We sit down with Chen from Meta Neo for an unscripted chat about his experience with Combined HCM. From customer service to benefits planning, Chen shares why he chose to work with us again after moving to a new company.

The Power of Customer Service

Chen emphasizes the exceptional customer service he received while working with us at his previous company. He contrasts this with his experience with other larger carriers, stating that our service is in a league of its own.

Benefits Planning

Chen discusses his future goals for employee benefits as Meta Neo grows. He appreciates our expertise in negotiating with carriers to find the best plans for his team.

Seamless Transition

Switching brokers mid-year can be a hassle, but not with us. Chen describes how our team made the transition smooth and efficient.

Always Accessible

When it comes to getting assistance, Chen finds it easy to connect with our team. Whether it's a phone call or an email, he always gets timely and favorable responses.

Chen's experience is a testament to the value of exceptional customer service and expertise in HCM. If you're looking for a partner who can make your job easier, this video is a must-watch.


This video is not intended to be exhaustive nor should any discussion or opinions be construed as legal advice. Viewers should contact legal counsel for legal advice.