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Stop Spending Countless Hours Recruiting Talent

Reclaim your time with a recruiting service designed to help you effortlessly find, attract, and hire your ideal employee.

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Hiring is a headache

Recruiting Alone Is Tough and Time-Consuming

From creating job descriptions, benchmarking salaries, posting job listings, monitoring different job boards, screening resumes and scheduling interviews, the rigorous recruiting process is enough to overwhelm anyone.

Job Listing Challenges

Limited Applicant Pools

Manual Candidate Evaluations


What if You Could Skip Straight to Talent Selection?

Let us tackle the tedious tasks, so you can select your top candidate and focus on onboarding, training, and developing them into a top-performing team member.

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Job Listing Management

Our HR professionals will create, post, promote, and monitor your job listings across multiple job boards.


Automated Applicant Screening

Our advanced Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will be used to prequalify a select talent pool according to your specific criteria.


Candidate Interview Scheduling

After personally interviewing and pre-selecting top candidates, our HR team will coordinate your final interviews for you.

Recruiting Tailored to Your Hiring Needs

With Combined’s comprehensive recruiting service, you can hire your next high performer without ever posting a job listing, reviewing an applicant resume, or even scheduling a candidate interview. 

Here’s how we can help make hiring easy for you:


Custom-Made Job Descriptions

We identify job categories and create customized and compliant job descriptions specific to your open roles.


Up-To-Date Salary Benchmarking

We perform a complete wage analysis to keep you competitive and compliant in the current job market.


Job Opening Advertisement

We post, promote, and monitor your job listings on all major hiring websites to enhance visibility and automate applicant engagement to expand your talent pool.


Two-Step Resume Screening

First, we use ATS technology to pre-qualify candidates that meet your specific criteria. Then, We review all qualified resumes to identify those best fit for your business.


Personalized Candidate Evaluations

We conduct initial phone interviews to ensure that only the top candidates move forward in your hiring process.


Cognitive and Skills Testing

We administer comprehensive cognitive and skills tests to determine optimal workplace skills, aptitudes, and compatibility.

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Recruiting Services

Want more information? Check out our flyer to learn more about our comprehensive recruiting service.


Refine Your Recruiting Process

Download our free guides for a comprehensive roadmap to rewarding recruiting results!

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Free E-book

Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

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Employers across industries are grappling with the challenge of attracting and retaining talent. To overcome these challenges, it's important to understand how the employment landscape has changed since the pandemic began. This eBook provides insight into the many trending strategies used to attract and retain employees.

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Ready to Recruit?

3 Steps to Hassle-Free Hiring

Follow these simple steps to grow your team and reclaim time to continue growing your business.

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What job types do you recruit for?

How much do your recruiting services cost?

Do you guarantee employee hiring and retention?

Recruit. Retain. Repeat.

Assemble Your Dream Team

Remove recruiting responsibilities from your to-do list, so you can reinvest your time into running a successful business.

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