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4 Common HR Challenges and AI-Powered Solutions

Contributor: Ohmar Htike, Implementation Specialist

November 16th, 2023 | 4 min. read

By Tony Calavitta

4 Common HR Challenges and AI-Powered Solutions

Let’s look at some numbers:

Reported by Workvivo and published in Forbes, this global study reveals the stark reality that the standard HR workload is anything but regular – it’s overwhelming.

And – brace yourself – here’s another startling statistic:

  • 78% of HR professionals say that they regularly consider leaving their job to look for another, less stressful opportunity.

With these numbers in mind, ask yourself:

Does your HR team struggle to manage the weight of their ‘regular’ workload?

If so, this article is for you – keep reading to learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology can assist with HR responsibilities and prevent your team from becoming part of the above statistics.

In this article, we will discuss 4 common HR challenges that AI-driven tools can solve. By reading to the end, you will learn practical AI applications to help you ease your HR team’s day-to-day burden and curb their burnout.

4 Common HR challenges (With AI solutions)

Challenge #1 – Efficient recruiting

Without an effective recruiting process, it’s next to impossible to build a strong workforce. But with one, your HR team’s workload can feel just as impossible.


Well, when recruiting, it's not uncommon for HR professionals to be inundated with hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of resumes. They have to review all of these to ensure a quality applicant selection process. As you can imagine, completing this task manually is incredibly time-consuming, especially for positions with high levels of interest – but it’s also critical to hiring qualified and compatible candidates.

The more time they spend on recruiting, the less have to complete other important HR tasks, often with concrete deadlines.

AI for recruiting – A time-saving solution

In response to recruiting challenges, AI can be a powerful ally for HR professionals. AI algorithms are revolutionizing the way resumes are screened and candidates are selected.


They can quickly identify key qualifications, skills, and experiences that match job requirements, ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are shortlisted for selection. By using AI tools, with algorithms developed to sift through thousands of resumes quickly and accurately, your HR team can manage a high volume of applications in no time at all.

This automation significantly reduces the time your HR has to spend on candidate screenings, affording them more time to tackle other responsibilities.

Challenge #2 – Effective communication

Effective communication is the backbone of a successful organization, yet it can be a significant challenge for HR professionals who are constantly juggling multiple tasks.

With inquiries, requests, and concerns coming from employees, HR teams can find themselves struggling to keep up with the flow of communication. This can lead to delays in responding to employee queries, missed opportunities for engagement, and a decline in employee satisfaction.

AI for communication – A streamlined solution

AI-powered chatbots and self-service portals offer a promising solution to this challenge.

These tools can be implemented to handle a wide range of employee inquiries, providing immediate answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), addressing common concerns, and even processing routine requests like time-off approvals.

AI can enhance communication and streamline HR processes by:

  • Offering 24/7 availability
  • Handling repetitive requests
  • Providing multilingual support

By automating these kinds of interactions, HR teams can free up their time to focus on strategic initiatives and provide more personalized support to employees who require it.

Challenge #3 – Employee engagement

Because disengaged employees can lead to decreased morale and productivity, fostering employee engagement is paramount to company-wide success. However, identifying the root causes of disengagement is a significant challenge.

And, more than likely, your HR is at the forefront of this effort, asking questions like:

  • Are employees discouraged by a lack of positive recognition?
  • Has inadequate communication caused employees to feel a sense of job dissatisfaction?
  • Is there a disconnect between employees and the company's culture, values, and goals?

Without data to gauge employee engagement issues, HR professionals are left in a bind, trying to address an issue that is not fully understood.

AI for employee engagement – A data-driven solution

Enter AI – AI-powered tools are becoming a game-changer in the realm of employee engagement.

A few examples of these AI solutions include:

  • Sentiment analysis tools
  • Performance management tools

AI tools like these can analyze historical employee data and uncover insights into engagement levels by tracking patterns in employee behavior, communication, and performance. They can pinpoint specific areas where employees may feel undervalued or overlooked and suggest targeted improvements, such as personalized recognition programs, tailored development strategies, or specific workload adjustments.

With this information, your HR team won’t have to navigate the task of facilitating employee engagement blindly but will have a clear and constant plan to coordinate it.

Challenge #4 – Career development

In today's competitive business environment, employee retention is a huge factor for organizational success. However, retaining top talent is an ongoing challenge for many HR teams, with studies indicating that over 60% of employees are actively looking for new opportunities.

One of the key factors contributing to employee turnover is the lack of personalized career development initiatives. Employees who feel that their career growth is stagnating are more likely to seek new work opportunities.

AI for career development – A personalized solution

AI is transforming the way HR can approach employee career development by providing the tools to create personalized and data-driven learning experiences.

AI algorithms can analyze employee data like performance metrics, skill assessments, and career aspirations, to identify individual strengths, weaknesses, and development needs. This information is then used to generate custom-tailored career development plans that align with each employee's unique goals and aspirations.

AI-powered career development tools offer a variety of features to support personalized learning, including:

  • Skill Gap Analysis
  • Career Path Mapping
  • Performance Tracking

By leveraging AI, HR teams can better empower employees to take ownership of their career development, fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth that ultimately contributes to enhanced employee retention and greater organizational success.

Are you ready to implement an all-in-one HR solution?

HCM technology + AI tools 

The world of HR is a fast-paced, high-pressure environment - the relentless workload, constant pressure to perform, and ever-increasing demands can leave HR professionals feeling drained.

Fortunately, advancements in AI are providing innovative solutions to help HR professionals manage their workload. By leveraging AI's capabilities to assist with HR tasks, organizations can break the cycle of burnout that has become so prevalent in the HR profession.

Now that you know how AI can assist your HR team, are you wondering how to leverage it within your company?

Here’s the good news:

Many all-in-one Human Capital Management (HCM) systems are incorporating AI tools to provide a comprehensive, modern answer to the HR problems we just addressed.

In other words, HCM technology is continuing to advance, using embedded AI tools to provide you with a true all-in-one solution to HR challenges. And here at Combined, we are dedicated to helping you and your business advance with it.

Schedule a meeting with an HCM expert today to learn how an HCM system with AI capabilities can turn HR troubles into triumphs.

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